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Handmade Clothing & Reusable Nappies

Pumpkin & Pickle

“…Absolutely amazing. They are beautifully made, they are so soft and comfortable and beautiful designs… The customer service I received was outstanding, I wanted to say thank you… 100% recommend.”

— Fiona Walker
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Our Story

Handmade products. Excellent customer service. Value for money.
Pumpkin & Pickle was launched at the end of 2020. As a Mum of two I was struggling to find a reusable nappy cover that suited my son's needs. I wanted something comfortable, reliable and easy to use and so Pumpkin & Pickle pull up covers were born. I was immediately blown away by their popularity and since launching I have expanded the brand to include a range of reusable nappies, reusable sanitary products, handmade clothing, and eco accessories. In April 2022 I welcomed my own Mum to the team as a partner in the business. My one woman band became a two-woman dream team! With a focus on ethical manufacture, we endeavour to support other small businesses in our supply chain. Packaging materials are compostable, recyclable or products are sent in reused packaging. As the business has grown we have tried to increase ways that we can use fabric waste that is created in our crafting process. From Scrappy Pants, to circular face wipes, to CSPs to swing tags hand stamped onto offcut fabric, we make sure that little goes to waste. Pumpkin and Pickle is slow fashion in action. Quality products made by hand to last.
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